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    Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

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    Buy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar online at cheap price, Magic mushroom chocolate may sound like a fairy tail term, but this fungal breed contains psilocybin chemical which is a common halluci nogen. Consumed on their own, shrooms have a strong, tangy flavor. However, the intensely flavoured shrooms can be fused with rich chocolate making it a great sweet treat.

    Got what everyone has been asking for, Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars. These are made with tempered Belgian chococlate and each bar contains 4 grams of shroom and is segmented into 15 pieces. Each piece is about .25g shroom each.

    Flavors- Milk Chocolate
    Dark Chococate – Vegan/Kosher/Halal
    Crunch – scored, just showing bottom of bar in picture.
    Berries & Cream
    Cookies & Cream
    Matcha (green tea)
    Mint – not mint chocolate, just mint.
    Coconut – Vegan
    Smores – Vegan
    Pomegranate – Vegan
    Cinnimon Toast Crunch
    Lucky Charms
    Fruity Pebbles
    Cherry Garcia
    Trail Mix – Vegan
    Almond Joy – Vegan
    Creamy Pistachio
    Mint Chip

    Microdose- 1-3 squares – Stimulate the mind
    Therapeutic- 4-9 squares – mindful and elevated
    GOD MODE – 10-15 squares – walls might melt.

    DO NOT STORE IN FRIDGE. Keep at room temp, 78 freedom units or less if possible.

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