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    Amazonian Cubensis

    Amazonian Cubensis for sale online


    Amazonian Cubensis for sale online, The Amazonian Cubensis magic mushroom can trace its roots to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forests – where it is suspected that native tribes have engaged in its consumption ritualistically for thousands of years.

    Amazonian Cubensis, or PES, is a sought-after strain in the magic mushroom community. They gained popularity because of the genuine psychedelic experience they offer. They are considered versatile mushrooms– perfect for all occasions and situations. Whether it is metaphysical philosophies you wish to explore, need a creativity boost, are looking to have a great time with your friends and loved ones, or want to explore nature’s wonders – this strain will deliver it all.

    Amazonian mushrooms are highly touted for the powerful visual hallucinations and psychotropic effects. That is why beginners should start low and go slow with the dosage until they figure out how this strain affects their minds and bodies.

    How to Dose Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms

    Dosage Guide:

    0.1 g – 0.4 – Microdose

    0.5 g – 1 g – Museum “Creative” Dose 

    1 g – 2g – Light Dose

    2 g – 3.5 g – Standard Dose

    3.5 g – 5 g – High Dose

    5 g – 10 g – Heroic Dose 

    10 g – beyond – God Dose


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